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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Discover how to prepare to have your surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Preparing for the bariatric treatment at least three to six months prior to the surgery is extremely important. It helps in lowering the risk of medical complications after the surgery. Preparing for Bariatric Surgery requires you to gradually start with a healthy and active lifestyle and adopt healthy eating habits. This makes it easy for you to follow the same after the surgery. It is essential if you want to experience instant weight loss and avail the best outcome of your weight loss surgical treatment. In case you are unable to follow the strict diet regime and exercise routine, you may not experience the similar positive outcomes that most of the patients may receive.

There are a number of necessary steps you should take in order to prepare for your bariatric surgery and strengthen your commitment to the lifestyle changes you need to maintain after the surgery. The bariatric experts at Obesity Goodbye Clinic will support you in every step required to prepare for the bariatric surgery.


Start With an Exercise Regime

If you are not following an active routine then you will be required to start at a small scale and develop a regular exercise plan to incorporate physical activities into your daily routine that suits your capability. This may include taking short walks, doing some simple chair exercises and performing daily tasks manually such as taking stairs instead of the elevator and walking to a nearby store instead of driving. To avoid boring exercise routine which mostly leads to failure of regular follow-up, you can find a physical activity that you can enjoy such as dancing or aerobics and focus on regularity instead of intensity. You can build up your exercise routine gradually by doing it for a few more minutes than the previous day.

Quit All Bad Habits – Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and any other form of tobacco intake and consuming nicotine-based products are known to increase the risk of medical complexities during and after a bariatric surgical process. At the Obesity Goodbye Clinic, we strictly require our patients to quit any kind of tobacco intake and consumption of all nicotine-based products at least three months prior to their bariatric surgery. You must also refrain yourself from consuming alcoholic beverages. Once your stomach size is reduced after the bariatric surgery, even a small amount of alcohol consumption can make you highly intoxicated. Apart from alcohol, you will be required to eliminate all the other sources of liquid calories in form of soda, energy drinks, and caffeinated drinks.

Arrange For a Care Taker

Considering that you will be required to take several weeks off from work and for a while, your body will not be able to take any kind of physical stress, you must ask a family member or friend to take care of yourself, your home and if you have any kids or pets. You should also hire help at least for a few weeks after surgery. Stock your pantry with the essential food items, supplements, and medications you will need after the surgery.

Contact Obesity Goodbye Clinic Today

Our belief is that every patient has their own set of unique medical requirements and at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic our bariatric experts are committed to help all of our patients to prepare for a stress-free and comfortable recovery after the bariatric surgical treatment. Contact us to get all your queries addressed regarding what you may expect before, during and after your bariatric surgical treatment.

Overeating can induce a negative impact on the outcome of your bariatric surgery, therefore, it is extremely important to become capable of restricting yourself when eating and learning about the sufficient amount to eat and when to stop eating.

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