Duodenal Switch Surgery  Designed for Massive Weight Loss

Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

by Dr. Sergio Verboonen

The Duodenal Switch (DS) Surgery is a well-known bariatric procedure which allows patients to eat a meal comprised of all the regular food items but in a smaller portion. This helps them experience a substantial weight loss. With this form of bariatric surgical procedure, most of the stretchable area of the stomach is permanently removed while the basic structure of the stomach stays the same. Along with that, approximately two-thirds to three-fourths of the upper part of the small intestine is bypassed. This leads to a substantial reduction in the absorption of the calories which means that this bariatric surgical treatment helps in accomplishing weight loss goals through restriction of food intake as well as malabsorption.

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The Duodenal Switch surgery is meant for those who are severely overweight.

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How Duodenal Switch Surgery Works

Illustration of duodenal switch surgeryIn the Duodenal Switch Surgery by the Obesity Goodbye Center, our well-experienced surgeon, Dr. Sergio Verboonen permanently removes an approximate 85 percent of the upper and flexible part of the stomach and the patient is left with a small-sized, vertically-oriented tube-shaped stomach. The capability of the stomach to hold food is reduced to 150 milliliters. Based on the size of the newly formed small sized stomach, most patients reported feeling full after consuming only 4 – 6 ounces of solid food.

Considering that most of the significant physical components of the digestive system, such as the nerves that regulate the stomach function, the pylorus and the antrum remain intact, the outcome of the surgery is a regular functioning but small-sized stomach. This allows the patient to retain the ability to enjoy eating regular food items but in smaller portions and the patient does not experience any discomfort during or after eating.

When performing the Duodenal Switch Surgery our well-experienced surgeons at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic also redirect the flow of food through the small intestine to make sure that absorption of calories during the digestive process decreases to a significant level. The upper section of the small intestine, also known as duodenum is separated and linked to the last 8 to 10 feet of small intestine. The initial half of the small intestine, known as biliopancreatic limb (BPL) that only transports digestive juices such as bile juice and pancreatic juice is linked with the food stream at about 4 to 7 feet from the large intestine in the common channel (CC) where the food and digestive juices are mixed. The absorption rate of calories and nutrients are determined by the length of the common channel, the reduced length of the common channel decreases the possibility of weight regain as it significantly reduces the rate of calorie absorption.

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Another reason behind the significant weight loss after the Duodenal Switch Surgery is the decrease in production of hunger-inducing hormones called ghrelin. It happens because the tissue that is responsible for producing ghrelin is almost removed along with the removal of the major part of the stomach. Therefore, patients experience a significant reduction in hunger while they feel full with small meals. Therefore, the food consumption is much less after the Duodenal Switch Surgery.

Moreover, the redirection of the small intestine aids in bringing the food to the last part of the small intestine quickly as compared to the regular process of digestion. This results in the release of hunger suppressing hormones such as glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP1) and polypeptide-YY (PYY). Consequently, the patient experiences great weight loss and will be able to maintain a long-term healthy body weight. The Duodenal Switch Surgery may also cure the obesity-induced type 2 diabetes.


  • Most of the patients that choose to undergo the Duodenal Switch Surgery at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic reported an approximate 80 percent reduction of the additional body weight.
  • After the Duodenal Switch Surgery, the patient may experience improvement and even complete cure of the symptoms of obesity-induced health conditions. This may include depression, increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea. The rate of diabetes cure is significantly higher after the Duodenal Switch Surgery.
  • The risk of medical complications particularly the dumping syndrome is significantly low with the Duodenal Switch Surgery. Dumping syndrome causes nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, sweating, or heart palpitations when a patient attempts to eat hastily or consumes sugar or carbohydrates after bariatric surgery. In Duodenal Switch Surgery, the preservation of pyloric valve assures a rather normal draining of solid food from the stomach, allowing patients to enjoy regular food and minimizing the risk of dumping syndrome.
  • The Duodenal Switch Surgery is a pill-friendly procedure and Aspirin and NSAIDs are well tolerated by the patients.


The Duodenal Switch Surgery offered at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic has proven to be one of the most successful types of surgical weight loss treatment. This innovative bariatric surgery aids patients to lose weight in a swift manner and reduces the risk of weight regain.

The Duodenal Switch Surgery is a combination of restrictive and malabsorption techniques that are proven to help patients accomplish their long-term weight loss objectives. In case your weight has reached a critical level and you wish to achieve a healthy life, bariatric experts at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic can help you decide on the most effective bariatric surgical procedure.

To start your journey towards a healthy and active life, contact the Obesity Goodbye Clinic today to find out more about the Duodenal Switch Surgery and other bariatric surgical procedures that we offer.

You can be assured that all the bariatric surgical treatment offered by the Obesity Goodbye Clinic are safe and effective and are performed by the certified and experienced bariatric surgeons. Our bariatric experts dedicate themselves to support you to achieve your weight loss goals. We strongly believe that every individual is entitled to lead a healthy, active and happy life and feel confident about the way they look.


GASTRIC SLEEVE $4,500 $5,500
GASTRIC BYPASS $7,500 $8,500
DUODENAL SWITCH $8,500 $9,500
LAP BAND $4,500 $5,500
LAP BAND REMOVAL $2,500 $3,500



The surgery cost includes:
Ground Transportation to and from the San Diego Airport
Hotel Fees
Hospital Fees
Medical Fees
Pre and post operative tests
Nutritional Consultation pre and post surgery
DOES NOT INCLUDE: Post surgery medication


Hernia $500
Previous Bariatric Surgery (no cost when performed by Dr. Verboonen) $800

These are potential fees in addition to the surgery base price. CASH PRICE ONLY.

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