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Exercise for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Exercise for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Some tips you have use to reach your desired BMI

If you are considering undergoing a weight loss surgery at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic, our bariatric experts will help you to establish your dedication towards embracing a physically active routine along with learning to eat healthy because exercise is highly critical for the long-term success of your bariatric surgical treatment.

We have worked with thousands of patients who had a weight loss surgery at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic and we have seen remarkable success in those weight loss surgery patients who have successfully incorporated regular exercise regime into their routine lives. The most significant thing for an obese individual willing to undergo a bariatric surgery at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic is to recognize the correct way to exercise which can significantly complement their weight loss treatment and may allow them to maintain their fitness routine without any risk of injury.


The Right Way to Start With the Exercise Routine

Our bariatric experts at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic are always committed towards providing you with all the guidance and support you need to maximize the outcome of your weight loss surgery and maintain the benefits in long run. Here is how you can start with an effective exercise regime prior to your bariatric surgery:

  • You can increase your daily activity such as cleaning the house, washing dishes by hand, using stairs, prefer walking whenever possible, etc.
  • Take it slow for the initial few days and then start progressing gradually by adding a few more minutes to your exercise routine each day. Try to work out for at least 6 days in a week.
  • In case your body mass index (BMI) is above 35, you should be extra cautious in selecting exercise and avoid anything that may increase stress on your joints. The activities you must avoid are jogging and jumping.
  • It is better to start with low to moderate intensity aerobics. This is considered best for initiating weight-loss.
  • Keep your focus on the regularity and duration of the exercise instead of its intensity.
  • Maintain your focus on doing a full body strength training workout. You can start by doing strength training once a week and then increasing it gradually to three times a week. Always make sure to keep a gap of at least one day in between your strength training sessions.
  • Make sure to address any kind of joint pain you experience. While muscle pain is normal, joint pain is not a healthy sign. You must modify your exercise regime if it results in joint pain
  • In case you experience pain in the lower joints of your body, you can perform your strength training while seated.
  • Adapt to a flexible exercise regime such as switching between cardio and strength training after every few weeks.

Exercise Guideline for Different Stages of Bariatric Treatment

The bariatric experts at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic will guide you throughout the course of your bariatric treatment including pre and post-surgery phases to enhance your level of fitness. If you are able to improve your cardiac health before surgery, the risk of medical complications during and after surgery will be significantly low.

Pre-surgery Phase

If you are determined to undergo bariatric surgery at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic then it is significant to make weight loss the most important aim of your exercise regime. Additional body fat can make the overall bariatric procedure more challenging. Maintaining your focus towards exercise will help you improve your cardiac health condition, decrease overall body weight and reduce your body fat to a required level in order to avoid any complexities during and after the surgery.

Post-surgery Stage

After undergoing bariatric surgical treatment at the Obesity Goodbye Clinic you will be required to follow the exercise plan as recommended by our surgeons. For the initial four weeks after the surgery, you will be required to focus on the flexibility exercises and regaining your capability to perform routine life activities.

You can gradually incorporate low-intensity aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming in your exercise routine. With the advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgery provided by the Obesity Goodbye Clinic, the recovery process is quick and it is safe to start exercising after two weeks of the surgery. However, you must always consult with our bariatric experts first.

Contact Obesity Goodbye Clinic today to learn more about the exercise routine for Bariatric Surgery Patients.

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