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Lap Band Removal and Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Regaining weight or failing to see results from bariatric surgery can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

Dr. Sergio Verboonen offers revision/conversion weight loss surgery for patients disappointed in the results of their initial treatment.

So why should you pursue revision surgery at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice?

Cycle of icons representing different bariatric procedures

Overcome the Challenges  of Your First Procedure

Bariatric Revision Surgery & Lap Band Removal

Revision Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

By Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Studies have shown that some patients who have undergone a bariatric procedure will require revision surgery in the future. There are many different factors that might contribute to weight regain.  Revision surgery may be performed because you did not obtain the results you expected from your original surgery or because the original surgery has failed, and also because your anatomy and physiology has changed over time.  

Patients come to Dr. Verboonen for help because they have gained weight related to behavioral changes or new stress in their lives such as work, children, etc.  Some of Dr. Verboonen’s patients had Lap Band procedures and now see their family members, friends or other people on the web reporting better results after the had a gastric sleeve or mini gastric bypass and now desire these benefits.

Bariatric Surgery Revision is a perfect alternate weight loss treatment option for the patients who are unable to experience the similar remarkable outcomes that other patients may accomplish following their bariatric treatment.

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Lap Band Removal and Revision Bariatric Surgery Tijuana by Dr. Sergio Verboonen


Lap Band Removal To Gastric Sleeve.  Lap Band Removal to Gastric Bypass.  Lap Band Removal to Mini Gastric Bypass.   Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Sleeve (Re-sleeve) or Mini Gastric Bypass or R&Y Gastric Bypass.  Balloon to VGS, GB, OAGB.

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What is Bariatric Surgery Revision/Conversion

In most of the situations, patients with overweight issues who decide to get a bariatric surgery to treat their obesity achieve great weight loss outcomes. However, it is possible that a few patients may not experience the similar satisfactory outcome even after months of undergoing a surgical weight loss treatment.

Furthermore, some patients with time start to regain the weight they have lost after the bariatric surgery or experience medical complications associated with the bariatric surgical process (Lap-Band Erosion or Displacement among others) . For such individuals, who are unable to experience substantial weight loss or maintain their healthy weight, Bariatric Surgery Revision/Conversion is the perfect solution. Dr. Sergio Verboonen will evaluate your medical health records and assess your medical requirements in order to suggest the most suitable weight loss treatment that will work best in your situation.

Weight Loss Revision/Conversion Surgery

Along with explaining to you regarding a further better type of bariatric procedure, our expert team of doctors will also provide you with complete information about what you should expect prior to, over the course of and afterward your surgical treatment.

Dr. Verboonen and his team will also educate you regarding the advantages and any possibilities of medical complications related to the recommended bariatric surgery and will happily address all the questions that you may have related to your treatment plan.

With the help of detailed awareness, we believe that our patients are capable of making confident and informed decisions related to the form of weight loss treatment they wish to choose to further continue with a healthy and active lifestyle.

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V Bariatric OGBC offers different forms of Bariatric Surgery Revision for different bariatric procedures for their patients who did not experience a significant weight loss after the first bariatric surgery, are experiencing a post-surgery complication or are regaining the lost weight. Here are a few types of Bariatric Surgery Revisions that our skilled and experienced surgeons can perform:

LAP BAND REMOVAL with conversion to Gastric Sleeve or Mini Gastric Bypass (PROBABLY THE BEST CONVERSION OPTION)

At times, the patients who had a Lap Band may experience trouble in maintaining a long-term weight loss. For such patients, there are further bariatric solutions that can help them to continue with the weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.

There is not dough that the Lap Band was a great weight loss procedure however with time it is possible that some medical complication may arise (erosion, slippage, port malfunction). In such situations, a Bariatric Surgery Revision/Conversion is extremely effective and common.

Bariatric Surgery Revision for Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sometimes Re-sleeve)

The gastric sleeve surgery is meant to deliver a long-term weight loss solution, however, there is a possibility that the patients may start to regain the weight if they are not adhering with the strict diet plan and lifestyle changes. The newly formed sleeve-shaped stomach can get stretched out and weaken the effect of the surgical procedure which leads to the regaining of weight. We offer different options to help patients continue with the weight loss. These options may include further reduction of the stretched stomach or changing it to a Mini Gastric Bypass.

Bariatric Surgery Revision for Gastric Bypass

At times, the patients of gastric bypass surgery may experience trouble in maintaining a long-term weight loss. For such patients, there are further bariatric solutions that can help them to continue with the weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.

In the first gastric bypass surgery, a new link is created between the newly formed stomach and lower part of small intestine and it is possible that some medical complication may arise in this new link after the surgery. In such situations, a Bariatric Surgery Revision for gastric bypass by creating another new link between the stomach and small intestine can help the patient to enjoy the full advantages of the gastric bypass surgery. In some patients, the first bypass may fail to deliver sufficient long-term weight loss. In such circumstances, extending the length of the bypass can be effective.


In case you had undergone a bariatric surgical procedure, but you are still experiencing weight gain or other medical complications, then you can be a suitable candidate for the bariatric surgical revision. The best way to evaluate your options for an appropriate Bariatric Surgery Revision is to consult with our bariatric experts.

Lap Band Removal and Revision/Conversion Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

revision bariatric surgery optionsWhen a patient contacts us for weight loss treatment, we perform a comprehensive medical and physical analysis including details about past medical history, or any medical condition.

Bariatric Surgery Revision is a term used to define a bariatric surgical procedure that is performed after a previous surgical weight loss treatment, that fails to deliver the desired weight loss outcome. Patients who may not be capable of accomplishing their weight loss objectives with the first procedure or have experienced complications from the previous bariatric surgery can seek help in the form of Bariatric Surgery Revision.

Our trusted and experienced bariatric surgeons strongly believe that every patient should be able to accomplish their weight loss objectives. Therefore, we offer the Bariatric Surgery Revision, if the first weight loss surgical treatment fails to deliver. Dr. Sergio Verboonen will help you in forming a customized weight loss solution according to your specific requirements and desired weight loss goals.

To assure maximum weight loss outcome from your first or revision bariatric surgery, you must adhere to the healthy eating and active lifestyle with regular exercise.

In case you have undergone a surgical weight loss treatment and still, you have not experienced the expected outcome, then our bariatric experts can help you decide a suitable Bariatric Surgery Revision/Conversion options.

If your initial bariatric surgical treatment fails, we can assist you in finding a revised treatment to support your weight loss process.



GASTRIC SLEEVE $4,500 $5,500
GASTRIC BYPASS $6,900 $7,900
DUODENAL SWITCH $8,500 $9,500
LAP BAND $4,500 $5,500
LAP BAND REMOVAL $2,500 $3,500



The surgery cost includes:
Ground Transportation for you and your companion to and from the San Diego Airport
Hotel Fees double room
Hospital Fees single and double rooms available
Medical Fees
Pre and post operative tests
Nutritional Consultation pre and post surgery
DOES NOT INCLUDE: Post surgery medication ($85)


Hiatal Hernia $500
Previous Bariatric Surgery (no cost when performed by Dr. Verboonen) $800

These are potential fees in addition to the surgery base price. CASH PRICE ONLY.

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Dr. Verboonen

Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Dr. Verboonen has been providing life-changing bariatric surgery for a diverse range of patients since 1995. He and his team have performed thousands of bariatric procedures at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice. We are proud to be affiliated with:

  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)
  • Colegio Mexicano de Cirugía para la Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas, A.C.
  • American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery

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